E  M  O  C  O  N  S

This is a not on completion persisting list

giving emotional statements by using the keyboard.

(just lay down your head on your left shoulder)


:-) the basic smilie
;-) blinking smilie
:-( sad smilie
:-| in between
:-> very sarcastic statement
>:-> dreadful statement
(-: left-hander
%-) user watched this monitor more than 15 hours
:*) user is drunk
[:] user is a robot
8-) user wears sunglasses
B:-) user wears sunglasses on his head
::-) user wears glasses
B-) horn-rimmed glasses
8:-) young girl
:-)-8 mature girl
:-{) user with moustache
:-{} user wears lipstick
:-7 doubtful statement
:,-( user is crying
:,-) user is crying for joy
:-@ user is shouting
=:-) irokese
--:-( real rocker don't smile
:-Q user is smoker
:-D user laughs at you
<|-) chinese
<|-( chinese with less humor
:-/ user is sceptical
(:- egg-headed
@:-) user wears a turban
C=:-) user is the boss
C=}>;*{)) a dreadful, drunk boss with slipped wig, moustache and double chin